1.1 P1 – Debit Card (Dynamic Arrays) solution

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Project 1 – Debit Card
Dynamic Arrays
Write a Debit Card tracking program. The program will read from a data file (data.bct) information aboLt a debit card account. A sample data file is included for this project. The program will parse the data from that file and enter it into a DebitCard object. The DebitCard object will keep track of the following information:
• List of transactions
• Total number of transactions
• account balance
Each ‘transaction’ will be a separate Transaction object. The Transaction object wil. keep track of the following information:
• Transaction ID number
• Date of transaction
• Description of transaction
• Amount of transaction
• If the transaction is Pending or Cleared
As you charge purchases with your Debit card, your bank will add a “pending’ transaction to your account. Generally, after 48 hours, the bank will “clear’ the transaction (deduct the money from your account and pay the store.) If you’ve looked at your debit card account online, you vvou’d see something like this:
After all data has been read ‘rem the data file, the DebitCard object it display the following data:
• total transactions
• total deposits
• account balance
• list of all cleared transactions
• list of all pending transactions