2.1 P2 – Recursive Linked List solution




Recursive Linked List Student Class L. Project Si…. not used snYsodeotherthsn P… (or that Mtliehm..).r this Pls..l al.o n.. not used any function or data-structure from the Standard-Temp. Library I understand that a, violation of this disclaimer will result in a 0 for the project. Pumo.: To better understand
• Linked lists • Recursion
You will write an application which .ores the courses taken by a student You will design a Course class which will contain at lea.
• Course Number • Course Name • Credits • Grade (numeric CPA style 4.0— 00)
The courses taken by the student will be provided in a data file. You will have. parse the data from that file and add it to a Linked Li. of
Your Linked List class mu. be designed to hold an unlimited number of Course objects. All new Course objects are to be inserted in the list maintaining list order. (Ordered by Course Number) There can be NO LOOPS of any type int. Linked Li. class. Recursion MUST be used here Once all data has been read from the data.. file and the resulting Course objects insertetl into your linked list you must print out the list of courses using a Prin., function from you Lin. L. object. Again, this function must use NO LOOPS, recursion only to print the entire list The Print.° should first print the size of the list using your recursive size0 function. After the list of courses has been prinied, you should then calculate and display the cumulative GPA of all courses in the list. Again, recursion must be used here instead of loops. Sample Output UsersTana Degge.ne…ecualIVIVell2017,24,0Weel[AllecunietWelnOtecur, — X
s1400 IntroductIon to Programmang Grade:3.6 Credlt Hours: 4 s1410 Cm. Programming rade:2.6 Credit Hours: 4 s2420 Introduction to Oats Structures Grade:3.2 Credit Hours. 52810 Computer Architecture Grade:3.8 Credit Hours: 3
umulative GPA: 3.259
coos the [Enter] key to quit…
Men the program completes, al courses should be properly deleted from the Linked List again, using onl recursion. Several files are provided for you. You will need to add code to the following files:
1. Course.cpp LinkedListcpp Main.cpp