CS1372 Homework 8: Linked Lists solution

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This assignment is to lear about linked lists.
For this assignment, you may use any video mode you deem suitable. However, the graphics must run
smoothly. You should create a ball that moves around the screen. You should also create two spots on the
screen, clearly marked. When a ball passes over the first spot, it should divide into two balls. When a ball
passes over the second spot, it should disappear. Further, pressing the A button should add a ball to the
screen. All your balls should be stored in a linked list. You must have the following:
1. A library for a singly linked list. If you desire, you may include a tail pointer.
2. A function to add an element to the tail of the list
3. A function to remove an element from the list.
4. A linked list containing only the balls on the screen.
Your linked list must use dynamic memory. There should not be a maximum number of elements allowed.
The behaviour of the balls when splitting is up to you. Submit all C files, header files, and your makefile on
T-Square. In addition, be sure that all code files are .c files and not .cpp files. If you use .cpp, the compiler
does not enforce proper C syntax.
As before, include the following in the top of your main file:
// Name: //
// Prism Account: //
// Collaboration: //
// “I worked on the homework assignment alone, using only //
// course materials.” //
// or //
// “I received outside aid on this assigned from the following //
// person(s): //